Thursday, December 02, 2004

Interview with Harbor Master Tami Allen

December 1: Dave Henry interviews Tami Allen , City of Bainbridge Island's Harbor Master
on the current status of the Anchoring and Mooring Plan for Eagle Harbor.

They discuss the history and how the community arrived to this point, the process as it stands in the Harbor Commission and the future direction with the government agencies involved.

More info on the site of the Harbor Master

Friday, November 12, 2004 is now available

We have started to transfer the audio files to a new blog with more functions and searching tools.

You can also access it by using the simpler url:

Interview with Sherry Appleton

November 12: Interview with Sherry Appleton after her election as State Assembly Representative (11 min).

Sherry shares her post-election impressions after an energetic campaign supported by many Bainbridge volunteers.

Interview with Jay Inslee

November 12: Interview with Jay Inslee after his reelection as Congressman for Washington State first district (17 min).

Jay speaks about the electoral results at the different levels and what's next.

He explains the priorities of the Apollo project and a few ongoing initiatives and projects to develop alternative sources of energy.

Our interview took place at the very convivial Pegasus Coffee: that explains the conversations in the background.

For more information:Jay Inslee's personal site

About the Apollo project

Pegasus Coffee House

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Michael Lisagor: Romancing the Buddha

November 11: Local author Michael Lisagor reads from his book "Romancing the Buddha" (65 min).

I have extracted this part he read at the end, entitled Sometimes I need to remove the punctuation from my life (3 min).

Thanks again to Eagle Harbor bookstore and Michael for this inspiring presentation.

More info:about Romancing the Buddha

Your favorite bookstore's site:

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Interview with Megan Wells

November 10: Tomas Smeeth of Radio Bainbridge Institute interviews storyteller Megan Wells about her play Helen's Troy (12 min).

She speaks about the power of telling stories and the lineage of theater.

In the second part she discusses the creation of the play (16 min).

More info:

Get your tickets at BPA

Monday, November 01, 2004

Interview with Bob Scales

Interview with Bob Scales about his first year as a Council Member (32 min).

Bob speaks about a few key projects (how to support tourism, more city funding for non-motorized transportation, the creation of contingency and emergency funds) and shares a few thoughts about open space and communication issues.

He also tells how he was hit by a SUV's side mirror while cycling on Madison.

Bob does not have a website or a blog (yet?) so we refer you to the info provided on the Kitsap County Auditor's site in the 2003 election pamphlet.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Interview with Carla Orcutt

Interview with Carla Orcutt about women prisoners in Kitsap County (42 min).

Carla speaks about the Kairos progam and the creation of the Marilyn Branderberg transitional house in Bremerton.

More about Kairos

You can contact Carla at

Ancient Forest Roadshow

Interview with Forest Berg and Jim Trainer about the Ancient Forest Roadshow (8 min).

The giant tree slice called "the Doug" was stationed in front of the Bainbridge High School.

More about the ancient forest roadshow

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Go Spartans!

We took the ferry along the Bainbridge Spartans Varsity Soccer team and we had the opportunity to co-record an interview of coach Mark Grindrod by our radio journalist friend and soccer specialist Thomas Smeeth (6 min). Thank you Thomas.

We wish we could post more recordings about sports.

We need to raise $150 to provide a portable digital recorder to Thomas.

Go Spartans!

The soccer teams schedule

More about Thomas and the Bainbridge Radio Institute